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86% of the local population is Anglo/Allophone, yet retailers at Fairview don’t post bilingual signs. Will you be joining the boycott of Fairview Pointe-Claire?

What can you do to fight the linguistic stupidity of Quebec?

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Fairview’s reply has so far been highly evasive. Ask them for a list of the retailers at Fairview that have bilingual signs. Tell Fairview that you wish to shop at those stores and boycott the rest.

Fairview and all of their merchants deserve to be embarrassed. That is our job. It cannot be done without you. You must share this blog and encourage others to do so as well! Christmas shopping has commenced and soon it will be too late to have the retailers post bilingual signs!

Further information as to what to do follows

Why go after Fairview at this time? Here is a very interesting letter to the editor that appeared in the Nov 13 edition of The Gazette:

This is the busiest time of the year (until Jan 3) for Fairview, so they are highly vulnerable. Go shop at TARGET, the Dorval Gardens, Place Vertu, Kirkland, Vaudreuil, Angrignon, Laval (13)

    or even better yet, go shop in the USA or ON


You are strongly encouraged NOT to shop at Fairview until there are actually bilingual signs in their stores. Do NOT shop there if they advise you that bilingual signs will be going up, as in the past retailers have made promises, and not kept them.

Please feel free to write to: Christian Vezina, General Manager ; Tina Da Costa
Marketing Director


Mathieu Demers
Manager, Operations>and if you wish, please feel free to send it to Cadillac Fairview as well!OpenForm

Tell them what you think of the lack of bilingual signs of the retailers at Fairview.

Why are you being asked to write to Fairview and not to each of their “100” stores? Please guess! 🙂

Demonstrations are now being planned for outside of Fairview Pointe Claire. Click on “FOLLOW” in order to receive notifications re the demonstrations and updates or join

Meanwhile, for those who think that Quebec’s Xenophobia is disgusting:

  1. Vicki says:

    Tout simplement pathétique.. La langue officielle au Québec est le français. Même si la présence de communautés anglophones est importante, cela ne change pas la loi. Pensez-y une minute, les communautés francophones vivant dans les provinces où la langue officielle est l’anglais n’ont pas ”droit” à l’affichage en français. C’est exactement la même chose ici. Donc, je vais continuerai à magasiner au centre d’achats Fairview pendant que vous gaspillez votre essence à magasiner plus loin.

    De plus, le site français est bourré de fautes, votre sondage est très peu sérieux considérant que vous ne l’avez qu’en anglais et que vous traitez les gens qui ne partagent pas la même opinion de vous comme de la merde et vous devriez considérer déménager si cela vous pose un problème.

    • pafmurray says:

      Sur quelle planète êtes-vous? La loi québécoise permet de panneaux en anglais pour être affichés dans les magasins aussi longtemps que les français prédomine. En ce qui concerne l’affichage en français ne sont pas autorisés dans toutes les provinces du Canada, je ne sais pas pour vous mais j’ai vu des signes française en Nouvelle-Écosse, Nouveau-Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta et Colombie-Britannique. J’ai également vu des signes française dans au moins ME, NH, VT, NY et AZ. En ce qui concerne le shopping dans NH (0% de la taxe de vente) ou en Ontario (taxe de 2% de moins de ventes que le QC) J’ai des enfants aux États-Unis et à ON et j’ai bien aimé sauver environ 700 $ sur 1600 $ dans les achats en NH il ya trois semaines.

      S’il vous plaît accepter mes excuses au sujet de la traduction française du blog. Quelqu’un volontaire pour le faire et je n’ai pas eu la chance de le regarder. Voulez-vous le corriger?

    • Nick says:

      Vicki, please move to rural quebec, we don’t want supremacist loonies like you in the west island.

  2. Hambo Namsweet says:

    Hello, All:
    Rather than protest in the cold, may I make a suggestion that would directly target stores who refuse to post signs in both languages? Try this: find a shop that posts signs in only one of Quebec’s legal languages. Then shop ’til you drop! Engage a shop assistant for hours! Pile up the goods until the owner is salivating over the sale. Now: take your $1000.00 worth of merchandise up to the cash. Smile while they ring it up and wrap it up. Then – when it comes time to pay – pull out a $10.00 Canadian Bill. Is the money used in Quebec bilingual? Yes. Are the signs in the stores posted in both of Quebec’s legal languages? No? Well, they must not want your bilingual money- right? Smile. Say “Thank You” and express your regrets – in French – very politely. Then leave the store. Walk out. The store will have to spend hours – and hourly salaries – to put the goods back on the shelf, and reconcile the cash register.

    Much more effective, targeted and specific than standing outside in the cold waving signs around.

    Give it a try.

    • pafmurray says:

      Thanks for your suggestion! Others have done the same and much more. Feel free to try it and let us know how it works. Incidentally, retailers are starting to see the light. They do not like the bad publicity that they have been receiving. One has put up bilingual signs and others have promised to do so!

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