Posted: July 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

Everything expressed below and in the petition is all in the personal opinion of the author.

$10.5 million has been given to Omar Khadr by PM Justin Trudeau.

According to the following criminal defense lawyer, Canada should have given Khadr only an apology and one dollar! CLICK HERE FOR Todd Van Der Heyden’s show Viewpoint, aired on July 8, 2017. Ari Goldkind, a Toronto based defence attorney, legal analyst and political commentator shares his opinions on the Omar Khadr settlement.

After listening to the above please feel free to do three (3) things

1) Write to Justin Trudeau and tell him what you think PM@PM.GC.CA

2) Sign/share the petition

3) Share this blog so that others can do the same

4) Please Google: IS SOMETHING ROTTEN WITH PM JUSTIN TRUDEAU? That will get the blog post to the top of the heap and then people throughout Canada will be able to hold such signs aloft and we could try and get 1 million signatures upon the petition and get rid of Trudeau!

There was a $US 134 million judgement rendered in the USA against Khadr and Trudeau could have very easily waited before giving Khadr the $10.5 million CLICK HERE: Ottawa newspaper story regarding the $US 134 million judgement

CLICK HERE: Family of the murdered soldier and one who lost an eye due to the bomb making Khadr to sue Khadr

CLICK HERE: To see/hear what Anonymous has to say about the situation


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